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Stefanie studied in Austria and gained her Massage Therapy degree in 2003 . Focusing on Deep Tissue Massage, Acupuncture Massage, Trigger Point Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Massage, Aromatherapy and Arddam .

After finishing her training , she moved to Bali and studied ancient Balinese massage techniques and exchanged knowledge with therapists from all over the world. Stefanie ' s intuitive Bodywork is known globally.  She worked alongside internationally renowned healers such as Elisa Senese, Mary Muryn , Jean-Claude Chalmet , Ibu Jero , Pervin Clasper , Lexempress  among others.

She was a regular visiting practitioner at the Shaktihealingcircle in Hong Kong and travels to Europe and America for private retreats. Currently she is sharing her work at The Place Retreats , mental health and wellness retreat in Bali .

Most of the stress we feel comes from our mind , unbalancing the functions of the body and its natural energy flow. This compromises us both emotionally and physiologically .

Stefanie ' s intuitive massage therapy works to bring both mind and body into a harmonious balance , using various techniques to draw out tension and induce a state of calm .

Stefanie also works to target the toxins our bodies absorb from unhealthy diet , repeated strenuous movement and environmental pollutions . She works deeply over the meridiens where energy is depleted or flooded with toxins , unlocking the spine , balancing the chakras , opening blocked channels and purifying tissues .

Stefanie then orchestrates the whole body-mind-spirit system into a harmonious balance. 

Her clients are left feeling limber, mentally cleansed and deeply relaxed .

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