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Deep Tissue Matrix Healing

This intense full body treatment uses organic essential oils from Bali to administer deep tissue massage alongside Matrix Healing to activate the body’s cellular intelligence , releasing muscular patterns, stored memories and somatic trauma . This treatment helps improve posture , as well as releasing toxins and emotional stress from the body 

Treatment : 75 - 90 min 

Therapeutic Face Massage

This treatment uses a special organic oil blend from Bali to apply a deep tissue facial massage , releasing blockages caused by accumulated toxins and stress . Dull skin is left rejuvenated , luminous and with improved elasticity . For an even more beneficial detox , the session can be extended to 75 minutes to include a lymphatic drainage. The treatment involves oil which may come in contact with your hair .

Treatment : 60 min or 75 min

Manual Lymphatic Drainage   

               ( as devised by Dr. Vodder )

This gentle non-invasive technique has a powerful effect both physiologically and emotionally . Dr.Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage is applied to help lymph flow and tissue drainage , helping purge the body of toxins as well as deep- rooted emotional distress . The skin is stretched and torqued based on scientific , physiological principles that have been proven to encourage lymphatic flow .

Treatment : 60 min

set of 3 suggested for more efficiency

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