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Steffi 's treatments is more than just a massage . Her absolute focused healing hands treat my body , mind and soul . With regular sessions I experienced great improvements of my health and overall wellbeing . Steffi has a wonderful talent of knowing exactly what I need every time I see her for a session . She truly listens and gives feedback of other things in my life that may be of help as well . So happy to have Steffi in my life !

Elisa Senese. Cranio Sacral Therapist and Medical Qigong Instructor 

Steffi has a true gift. Not only do her magical, intuitive hands find, untangle and dissolve kinks and energetic blockages in the physical body, but she also unravels knots of the heart and soul. Through her healing touch, Steffi shines light on shadows of the spirit and releases that which no longer serves. I have had countless sessions with her over the years and she never ceases to amaze me with her powerful bodywork, soulful wisdom and inspiring insights of blessings yet to come. Steffi is a walking ray of sunshine and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing, positive shift and divine realignment.


Rebecca Walker , Founder , The Wellness Nomad

Steffi is more than a massage therapist . She is a true Healer . Her main gift and talent lies in helping people break the patterns of energy in the body that keep us from truly connecting to Spirit .

Mary Muryn , Psychic Healer and Owner of Bali Radiance 

I can highly recommend Stephy Holzer as an outstanding Massage Therapist,I have been sincerely blessed to have had Stephy work with me and on me these past nine years in Bali,during a stage of my life where challenging health issues did arise, I can truly say the immense support received from Stephy's extremely nurturing massage therapy played a large part towards my positive health today.

Stephy has an extremely intutive nature along with sweet emphatic sensitive commuication skills, which immediately brings you to a place of total trust,enabling an opening and allowing the possibility of a deep healing massage to happen each time Stephy works on you.

Stephy has experienced professional magical massage therapist hands,which nurture,ground and balance you to the core,enabling a blissful state of peace and harmony upon completion of a very generous massage.


I had an absolutely wonderful massage with Stefanie that was like no other! Profoundly relaxing, but so much more than that. Stefanie helped release old traumas/emotional memories held within my muscle tissue. She easily pinpointed energetic blockages within my body and gently released them. I have never before met someone with such an intuitive sense about what was happening for me energetically, emotionally and physically. Her assessment and recommendations made so much sense. I would highly recommend her magically transformative sessions to all those wanting deeper healing trough bodywork. She's amazing! Thank you Stefanie; I am so grateful for you and your gifts!

Kathryn Meadow , Sound Therapist/Artist

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